Production Partners

In addition to our own production site in Turkey, Schijvens  regards each production site as a partner. This is not limited to garment manufacturers but continues throughout the entire chain from raw material to the finished product

A common supply chain responsibility prevails among our partners. Therefore, the cooperation is not limited only with us but also between the partners. We collaborate to achieve our common goal, which is satisfied customer and a production employee who receives fair remuneration and works in a healthy and safe working environment.

To encourage this, there is an annual meeting held for all the partners.

Together we will take look at what ran smoothly and how certain things can be improved. From quality and delivery times through to water or energy consumption. All this takes place in a spirit of openness. Obviously, bonding also plays a big role. A supplier of the year is selected and receives a stimulation bonus from Schijvens.

All our partners are included in the audit program of the Fair Wear Foundation and report their social and environmental results in the Higg-index, so that Schijvens has a good insight into what’s happening at the factories and where they can still be of assistants. The score received from the Fair Wear Foundation is 75-LEADER. Being a leader within the Fair Wear Foundation means we form part of the highest achievable category and are therefore realising outstanding results.

Currently, the partner group consists of 10 members.