We have our own factory in Mersin, where our co-owners Pinar and Michiel Oosterhuis manage the sample room and production lines on a daily basis. The fast and smaller deliveries are made here. We also run a lot of pilot projects and sample collections here.

Certificates of Mersin factory




Through financial and guaranteed support, we have now established our own warehouse in Karachi, Pakistan. Here goods will be exclusively made just for us. It specialises in polo shirts, sweaters and t-shirts. The personnel here are better paid and we are working hard to improve the working conditions to a higher standard.

Soon you will be able to watch the production of your goods live via web cams. The Dutch government / RVO have recently visited this factory.

The two people in the RVO video on the right are Jose Koopman and Giovanni Beatrice commissioned by:

Certificates of Karachi factory



In Dhaka, we produce a large number of shirts and trousers at a very competitive price. Bangladesh has the lowest wage in the world in the textile industry. This factory is known for its excellent female-friendly approach. The Works Council (OR) mainly consists of women, childcare is provided and women are encouraged to join the management team.

Certificates of Dhaka factory

In Gorai we produce a large amount of polo shirts. This factory is exceptionally large and produces products for some of the largest names in the world. They are sustainable as they have their own water treatment and energy cycle installations, they also work extensively with organic cotton and they have a GOTS (The Global Organic Textile Standard) certificate.

Certificates of Gorai factory



In Hong Kong, we are in close collaboration, as they themselves call it, the Schijvens-Hong Kong office. From there, productions of all kinds of articles are launched, including standardised high-visibility clothing and other more complicated products.  This collaboration has lasted for almost 20 years.

Certificates of Hong Kong factory

Our shirt factory is located in Nanjing. In addition, this factory makes its own camisole fabric and produces chef uniforms and aprons. We have invested a number of years in the renovation of this plant, which means that the factory has now passed the Fair Wear Foundation standards with flying colours and meets with the Living Wage requirements.

Certificates of Nanjing factory

In Fuzhou, we mainly produce soft shell and jackets. China is known for its technical products and we are therefore pleased that we were able to add this high-quality factory to our production group several years ago.

Certificates of Fuzhou factory


United Arab Emirates

In Sharjah, we have a production partner who produces suits. This very complex product is perfectly supervised by the Scottish Jim, who manages the production line passionately. It is very important to have a factory that is accurate and that has the appropriate knowledge, as a suite jacket consists of 65 parts.

Certificates of Sharjah factory



In Morocco, we have recently found a reliable production partner that produces our flat knit products, such as knitted sweaters, vests, spencers and pull overs. The yarn, usually a wool / acrylic fibre, comes from Italy and is of very high quality.

Certificates of Meknes factory


Fabric Manufacturers

We have also added three fabric manufacturers to our production group. A fabric manufacturer from India, who is responsible for the industrial work wear, a large fabric manufacturer in China, who mainly supplies the camisole fabric, and of course the sustainable Singtex, which makes fabrics for polo’s, t-shirts and sweaters from recycled polyester and coffee grounds.