About Schijvens

Schijvens is a family owned business that has designed, manufactured and distributed corporate clothing (corporate fashion) since 1863. A team of 25 enthusiastic people from the Netherlands takes care of the customers. We think with the customer right from the start: custom tailor-made designs. The corporate clothing designs are casual and contemporary and it is not for nothing that its corporate clothing collections have won the ‘Corporate Fashion Award’ time and time again. As per the customer’s request on the appearance and / or the formula it is transformed into corporate clothing for the customer. Schijvens offers stock management and distribution for when the product comes out of production, from its own distribution centre that is 5,000m2 in size, to all locations of the customer.

We also stock our own brand of corporate clothing called T’RIFFIC, which includes, among other construction, industry and logistical corporate clothing.  Since 2016, Schijvens has a controlling stake in the production site in Turkey in order for it to be able to manage and optimise its ‘product life-cycle’.

Sustainability is in the company’s DNA and it is therefore not surprising that Schijvens is affiliated with the Fair Wear Foundation and is ISO9001 / ISO14001 certified. Schijvens is continuously working on furthering the sustainability of corporate clothing collections.

Everything under one roof with more than 150 years of experience and craftsmanship.