Return logistics

It’s an absolute must to keep the chain closed in order to be circular. That’s why it’s of vital importance to take back any delivered products, also once they’ve been used. Schijvens Corporate Fashion has organised this ‘return logistics’ in an innovative manner, together with its partners PostNL and Dobbi.



Schijvens collects used clothing. We DON’T do this to reuse or recycle the clothing as a low quality product, but to bring it back into the chain as a high quality product. The R-ladder, which is also used by the government, is used as our guideline in this process.

Schijvens allows the customer to select from various different options which are linked to the R-strategies via a completely innovative portal:





Clean and reuse by your employee.

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Clean and return back to stock, for example when your employee has left the company.

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Repair and reuse.

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Refrain from use and return, for example if you have ordered something incorrectly.

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Return for complaint handling.

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Return for recycling, because the item really has reached the end of its life.

Option box

Option roll container


The customer collects the clothing in boxes or roll containers, depending on the location size. The customer can subsequently easily submit a collection order via the Schijvens portal. The clothing will then be collected by PostNL and, depending on the R-choice, taken to Dobbi (for cleaning) or to Schijvens (for repair, restock or recycling).




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Schijvens collects the used clothing, which have completely reached the end of their life and can therefore be recycled, in their own distribution centre in Hilvarenbeek. Here the clothing is sorted, counted, packaged and registered. The clothing bales are transported to the recycling factory in Turkey via sea transport, where it’s subsequently shredded and fiberised. These textile fibres are mixed with fibres from recycled polyester to create strong thread. The fibre is spun into new thread, which we use to knit and weave fabric which is eventually used to make workwear.


What?? So how do you get that clothing past Turkish customs?!

We have designed and built a machine together with our recycling partner which processes the clothing with a knife via a conveyor belt and which then presses it into a bale. This allows us to comply with Turkish import regulations. On the other hand, our recycling partner has a special permit which allows them to import our clothes. We have already used this route to transport more than 200,000 kilograms of used clothing to the recycling factory.


Wow! Can we use your super cool return process too?! Or is this just available to Schijvens customers?

Until recently, Schijvens only offered this to its own circular customers. In order to keep its own chain closed and to continuously optimise the return process. We have now reached the point where we have realised a stable return process and are therefore now capable of taking on more. We think it’s important to also include the fashion industry in the developments which are important to the circular economy. That’s why you can now also make use of our return logistics! Please contact us for more information.

Using your old workwear as the raw material for new clothing saves on pollution and waste: we use 99% less water, 40% less energy and cut CO2 emissions by 40% (a 20% CO2 reduction when you include the extra transport movements). This positive impact is woven into every garment your employees wear!


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