Sustainable Apparel Coalition

SAC is an initiative of several major clothing manufacturers worldwide (including Nike, Adidas, C&A, H&M etc.) who wanted a calculation tool to calculate the environmental impact and compare it with the market (benchmark).

This has resulted in the Higg-index. The purpose of this is that this eventually becomes a worldwide label where consumers can see how sustainably a product is made and / or how sustainable the producer is.  Schijvens has nothing to hide and enjoys using the Higg-Index.  The first phase is a self-assessment of about 100 questions about CSR and producing the appropriate evidence with it. The producers / suppliers of Schijvens are also required to complete this questionnaire. This phase has 3 levels:

  1. Tier 1; When it concerns a direct producer
  2. Tier 2; When it concern a supplier of fabric
  3. Tier 3; When it concerns an embroidery, printer and / or cotton plantation.

The tool is now still a self-assessment tool, but soon these reviews will be tested by an independent party, such as, for example, FWF, SGS, Intertek etc

In addition, the results of this tool are useful for the building of a strategic plan as is gives you a clear insight into what can be improved in the supply chain.