Retour on demand

We recycle old company clothing to make new circular clothing.

Worn clothing can be collected at the stores and then returned to Schijvens so that it can be used for new circular corporate clothing. This circular corporate clothing is made from 50% recycled clothing mixed with 50% recycled PET-polyester (from old clothing, PET bottles and ocean plastic). Of course we would like to receive your worn work clothes back, so that we can turn them into new clothes.

The old company clothing is collected and sorted at Schijvens in Hilvarenbeek. After sorting by color and quality, the clothing goes to Turkey, where it is shredded and fiberized. These textile fibers are mixed with fibers from recycled polyester to make the yarn strong enough again. Then new yarn is spun from this, which we use to knit and weave cloths and then can be used to make company clothing.

Your old company clothing as a raw material for new clothing saves pollution and waste: about 99% water consumption, 40% energy consumption and 40% CO2 emissions.

Working with a nice feeling is also in the clothes you wear!


Schijvens retour on demand