Schijvens strives for a circular economy, where products are as much as possible – preferably 100% – reusable and where the impact to the environment and raw materials remains as limited as possible. The circular economy offers new possibilities and opportunities. Schijvens together with its co-innovation partners, is continuously seeking to improve and is actively working on improving the sustainability of corporate clothing collections as well as the production process. Collaboration is necessary to achieve this ambition. Circular companies that are with and for each other.

100% recycled clothing for Stayokay

The sustainably produced post-consumer corporate clothing for all Stayokay personnel is a current project that is being rolled out. Since the start of April 2017, personnel are wearing corporate clothing that consist of 50% ‘already worn textiles’ mixed with 50% recycled polyester. This collection is also a reflection of the sustainability policies of both parties: Schijvens and Stayokay. This collection is the first pilot in the ECAP project, an initiative of the European Union to undertake a circular shape in the textile sector.

NS Retail

DRINK IT & WEAR IT. A good example of sustainable business practices and continuous innovation is sustainable corporate clothing for the NS Kiosk and Broodzaak. The National Railways have rolled out the Kiosk and Broodzaak designs at more than thirty train stations throughout the Netherlands. Schijvens has designed and produced polo shirts made from yarn of recycled plastic bottles, mixed with S-Café coffee grounds, for the personnel of NS Kiosk and Broodzaak. Sustainability for this client is a high priority. Therefore, they work in clothing made from coffee, while they themselves sell coffee. A beautiful business card of their sustainability policy as well as proud personnel on the shop floor.



Kruidvat has delivered 5000 old blue blouses for them to be recycled into new red blouses for their personnel in the drug stores. The new garments will partly consist of their old garments, mixed with recycled polyester and pre-consumer textiles. Kruidvat does not have to waste and burn its old collection of garments, but rather recycle it by using it as an input for its new garments, which has a huge environmental impact!



On the 7th of March about 20 TBI personnel started with a test run for corporate clothing based on a circular concept. For this performance test, Schijvens has designed and produced the corporate clothing line named T’RIFFIC which consists of T-shirts, polo shirts, polo sweaters, soft shell articles and parka’s. The collection consists of recycled plastic materials and coffee grounds (S-Cafe yarn) and the T-shirts, polos, polo sweaters, soft shell articles and parka’s consist of 50% recycled plastic materials and 50% recycled clothing.

Together with TBI, the ultimate goal is to produce a collection of corporate clothing that consists of 100% recycled material.