Schijvens Corporate Fashion in Hilvarenbeek joins the sustainability plan in the clothing and textile sector which was signed by Minister Ploumen on 4 April 2016. Schijvens, together with more than seventy other companies in the clothing and textile sector, signed the covenant and agreed to work together to further improve the sustainability of the sector. Collectively, the participants in the covenant represent one third of the turnover on the Dutch clothing market. That is 4 billion Euro.

Schijvens is actively working on further improving the sustainability of the collections as well as the production chain. Jaap Rijnsdorp, the director of Schijvens said: “We are extremely proud and pleased with this agreement, which has been prepared by a broad coalition of trade associations, trade unions, civil society organisations and the government.” It is truly remarkable that so many parties have joined forces and that the companies, NGO’s, trade unions and the government are all working together towards a sustainable sector.

For Schijvens, the signing of the covenant is the logical and subsequent step to their code of conduct, already endorsed by the Fair Wear Foundation. Schijvens has been a member of the Fair Wear Foundation since 2010 and works according to the ISO14001 method, an environmental management system which focuses on managing and improving environmental performance.

By identifying international operating procedures opportunities for improvement is possible.  Thanks to this due diligence, it becomes possible to account for improvement steps that come to light and are addressed. It is unique that so many parties have jointly taken the lead to ensure that consumers are able to purchase clothing from companies who are committed to the improvement of sustainability in the sector. The goal is that 80% of the turnover in the Dutch market will be purchased by covenant members within the next five years.

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