Corporate social responsibility

Schijvens has been a member of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) since 2010.  The FWF monitors the social conditions at the production sites and operates according to ILO standards.  FWF is an independent foundation supported by the Dutch government. In addition to Dutch companies, many textile companies outside the Netherlands have now become members of the FWF.

As a FWF member your operations must be totally transparent. Annually, the Schijvens accountant presents an overview stating exactly which part of the purchase cost is to be recorded for which factory.  FWF audits Schijvens factories, after which both Schijvens and the factory receive a report. This report tells Schijvens what is working well and what points need to be improved. The points that need to be improved have priority and strict deadlines. This is how Schijvens improves its factories. Schijvens chooses to work together with the factories that have been visited and remains in close contact with them.

100% of Schijvens’ production locations are audited and monitored. In 2021 Schijvens achieved a score of 96, which makes Schijvens – LEADER – within FWF!