As a producer of corporate clothing, Schijvens has always been concerned with the well-being of man and the environment, and this reflects in its business strategy. Its sustainability policy has two pillars:

  1. Corporate social responsibility
  2. Environmentally responsible business

Mission and vision

For years Schijvens has been well aware that continuing on the traditional path of production is no longer sustainable in the long term and this awareness is reflected in its mission and vision. Schijvens strives for an economy in which today’s goods form the basis for tomorrow’s products; a circular economy.

Schijvens’ mission is ​​to produce sustainable, post-consumer corporate clothing (with worn garments as input) that is worn with pride and pleasure by the personnel. That the personnel of the company promote the formula and so a stylish business card is issued, as an added advantage.

Schijvens’ vision is that by 2020, Schijvens is completely producing circular.