Schijvens and its production partners during the Corona crisis


Because Schijvens works with a permanent loyal partner group, she has close contact with them and has consulted with them about the status in the factories, the needs, the challenges and the solutions. She asked all her production partners to complete a questionnaire and then had a face-to-face discussion about this.

In any case, Schijvens has not taken any unilateral measures, has not negotiated discounts under the threat of cancellation of orders, and certainly has not canceled any orders.

Schijvens has paid all its already produced orders in accordance with agreements made for that purpose. Schijvens has already paid all expenses that a producer has already had to make for the purchase of materials and labor if ordered items have already been taken into production. Schijvens has paid all down payments requested by the production partners.

Schijvens endorses the content of the ILO Global Call and the MSI statement.

See below how the safety & health measures have been implemented