The T’riffic collection was created due to requests from the construction and industry sector and consists of six different collections: Solid, Ego, Titan, Storm, Switch and 4Tex. Each collection has specific features but lends itself perfectly to being combined with the different styles. What makes T’riffic so special is its perfect fit and casual look. In addition, this corporate clothing is available from stock, so it is possible to order in small quantity. The entire collection can be viewed at www.triffic.nl.


The name of the collection may betray its use as this business suit is especially suitable for heavy-duty work. The materials used can take a beating from the construction industry and there is a lot of demand for it.


The ‘look&feel’ of this collection is more detailed and advanced, which makes this collection sought after by contractors, management and executives.


Titan corporate clothing is worn in the logistics sector. The materials are slightly lighter than those used in the Solid collection, possessing a lot of stretch, lending perfectly to functions of mobility.


This collection is made of 100% cotton and possesses the finest details. This collection has a ‘vintage’ look, which especially appeals to younger people in construction, the industry and event construction sector.


This is the only corporate clothing collection without details, loops and other pockets, making this clothing well-suited to the automotive industry. The D-ring is demountable so it will not create risk on the work floor.


This collection is 100% waterproof on not only the fabric but also the seams and zippers.

The entire collection can be viewed at www.triffic.nl!