Praxis, Brico and Planit go Circular!

19 April 2019

Maxeda is the umbrella company for DIY Stores in the Benelux, Praxis in the Netherlands, Brico in Belgium and Brico Planit in Luxembourg. Maxeda is the Benelux’s market leader, with more than 360 stores and almost 7000 employees. The DIY Group takes its responsibility very seriously where corporate social responsibility is concerned.  They have also […]

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Schijvens presents sustainable fashion to Mark Rutte in Hanoi

09 April 2019

On 9 April, a fashion show was held in Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi. Prime Minister Mark Rutte was also present. During the show, Alexander Kohnstamm, Director of the Fair Wear Foundation handed over a study into violence and intimidation in the workplace to the Vietnamese Minister. Because they are currently in the process of improving employment […]

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Best Practice Video: Living Wage Project

21 December 2018

Schijvens won the Fair Wear Foundation Best Practice Award in November 2017 with the living wage project in Turkey. The reason for investigating this is that the difference between a minimum wage and a living wage in the textile industry is unclear. Employees will often only receive the minimum wage, which in most cases isn’t […]

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Supplier meeting 2018

14 December 2018

Schijvens welcomed its suppliers in Karachi, Pakistan, at the end of November for the annual supplier meeting. All suppliers came together in order to brainstorm about further developments, with the following motto: “Teamwork makes the dream work”. You definitely arrive at the best ideas when working together and the entire supply chain should be part […]

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Schijvens winner of Corporate Fashion Award 2018 with circular collection

27 November 2018

The time had finally come last Thursday 15th of November, the Corporate Fashion Award. Schijvens, together with its partners from the nominated Etos and CSU collections, was nervously seated along the catwalk. Circularity was a central focus point during this 10th edition, this is why Schijvens decided to present the jury its entirely circular CSU […]

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13 November 2018

FWF’s main goal is to achieve good working conditions in the clothing industry. The social labour standards drawn up by FWF are the standard from which a company can obtain a rating. If a company becomes a member of FWF, the code of conduct must be implemented and checks must be accepted. This year, Schijvens has […]

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Circular work wear from T’RIFFIC by Schijvens to the finals of the Global Goals Social Impact Challenge

25 October 2018

The Global Goals for Sustainable Development are 17 goals that were drafted in 2015 by the United Nations for a better world in 2030. The goals encompass, among others, an end to poverty, halting climate change and striving for equality. This stimulates governments, companies and citizens to collaborate on a better future.  The Association of […]

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Schijvens receives a double nomination for the Corporate Fashion Award 2018!

12 October 2018

The biennial Corporate Fashion Award event issues awards for the best work clothing in the Netherlands.  The 10th edition of this event will take place on November 15th, 2018 and Schijvens Corporate Fashion will be present as a result of a nomination for no less than two collections. Circularity is a central focus point of […]

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Member of the Dutch Parliament Jessica van Eijs visits Schijvens

03 September 2018

This week Schijvens was pleased to welcome Jessica van Eijs to Schijvens. One of her main interests as a member of the Dutch Parliament is meeting the future challenges in the area of climate, which is the major concern of Schijvens with her circular corporate clothing. Van Eijs aims to place textiles firmly on the […]

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Dutch/Chinese embassy at Schijvens

01 August 2018

This week Lydia Jiang of the Dutch consulate in Shanghai did her internship at Schijvens. Her focus was on sustainability, so we learned from eachother and helped eachother on exploring cultural differences, opportunities and barriers in Fair Wear Foundation audits and in importing recycled yarns into China, as well as the environmental development of our […]

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01 August 2018

We are proud that our CFO of our Turkish factory, Pinar Oosterhuis, has won an award for her dedicated work for women rights in Turkey. She takes care of gender-equality in business, of women who have been harassed and of women who need some extra in case of ill children. That is girl power, Pinar! […]

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Schijvens goes Middle-East

04 April 2018

After the success of our educational trip to Turkey 3 years ago, we decided to go with our whole team to the Middle-East last Eastern weekend, where our colleague Charlotte runs our office and serves our local customers like Qatar Airways, Kuwait Airways and Hamad International Airport. We learnt to do business in the region, […]

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Schijvens wins Best Practice Award Fair Wear Foundation

15 November 2017

Dutch clothing company wins the internationally recognised award for their Living Wage project in Turkey The family business Schijvens Corporate Fashion won the 2017 Best Practice Award on 10th November 2017, an annual award bestowed by the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF). FWF is committed to realising good working conditions in the clothing industry, in countries […]

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Schijvens Best Practice living wage in Turkey

09 November 2017

Annual conference Fair Wear Foundation The Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) always strives for innovative ways of improving working conditions in clothing factories. Schijvens also tries to contribute to this with new ideas and projects, in a bid to improve the chain step by step. We do this together with our partners, in order to realise […]

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HEMA in Schijvens’ circular clothing

27 September 2017

HEMA launched its latest concept at the Tilburg store on 21st September. All of us at Schijvens Corporate Fashion are incredibly proud to form part of this new concept. This store now boasts an entirely new food department, where all the chefs will be walking around in their beautiful 100% recycled clothing from 21st September, […]

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13 September 2017

Fair Wear Foundation FWF is an independent foundation, committed to creating good working conditions in the clothing industry. FWF works together with affiliated companies, in order to improve the working conditions in textile factories. We see it as being of the utmost importance that our clothing is produced in a fair manner, in a safe […]

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Suppliers Meeting 2017 in Turkey

01 August 2017

The annual suppliers meeting of Schijvens, which we organise since 2013, was again a great success this year! Our garment producers, fabric producers and yarn suppliers came from Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, India and Morocco, to our factory in Turkey. Topics such as improvement of the quality and delivery times were discussed but above all the focus of this week was on sustainability. Together […]

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From plastic bottles and worn textile to sustainable corporate clothing.

16 May 2017

Schijvens Corporate Fashion produceert de eerste 100% circulaire bedrijfskleding, gemaakt van gerecycled textiel en gerecyclede petflessen! Van petflessen en gedragen textiel naar duurzame bedrijfskleding.

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