Top Dutch Solar Racing: Sustainable team clothing by Schijvens

15 October 2021

At Top Dutch Solar Racing, we mainly focus on finding sustainable solutions for the energy and transportation sectors. After all, fossil fuels are a main driver of climate change and keep polluting our planet. However, the fashion industry is just as big of a threat: producing a single t-shirt uses up 4,000 litres of water […]

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06 September 2021

Eindhoven, 6 September 2021 We are completely moving across to sustainable work clothing in collaboration with Schijvens Corporate Fashion. We are making our clothing circular by collecting old work clothing and using this as a raw material for new work clothing. We recently introduced the new clothing for our baristas to mark the start of […]

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The Fair Wear Foundation rates Schijvens with a 9.6!

23 July 2021

Schijvens Corporate Fashion has been committed to creating good working conditions in the factories where our customers’ clothing is produced for many years. We entered into a collaboration with the Fair Wear Foundation in 2010 and have been fighting for fair working conditions in the clothing industry together ever since that time. We are assessed […]

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How to tell if company clothing is really sustainable

06 July 2021

Sustainability, it’s a theme I’ve written about before. With more and more companies embracing sustainability, it’s no surprise that this is a hot topic. Yet sustainability remains a grey area. How can you be sure that the clothes you are wearing are recycled? And how sustainable is sustainable? We have been grasping in the dark […]

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Introduction Aware™

06 May 2021

Aware™ is the easy method to reveal true sustainable materials.  The new consumer generation expects brands to deliver a contribution to a sustainable society. They demand reliable products that they can trust, offered with as much transparency as possible. Therefor traceability is a necessity. It’s very difficult to prove that final garments are really made […]

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Return logistics: Introduction R-ladder!

22 April 2021

And we are live! At Schijvens Corporate Fashion we are commited to sustainability. Most of you already know that we use our customers’ old clothing as a raw material for making our circular corporate clothing. But from today our complete return logistics system, our R-ladder, is online. It’s an absolute must to keep the chain […]

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05 March 2021

The production of clothing is a complex and chemically intensive process that uses a lot of water and energy which has a major impact on the environment. To limit water and energy consumption, Schijvens Corporate Fashion produces clothing from recycled materials. This means that we don’t use new raw materials, which has an average saving […]

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What is circular clothing?

11 February 2021

We notice that there are still many different ideas about the meaning of circular workwear. In this blog we want to tell you our explanation of what we mean by circular clothing. The textile industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. For example, 1 cotton T-shirt contains about 4000 liters of water, […]

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Schijvens Corporate Fashion Silver Medallist!

22 December 2020

What a beautiful Christmas gift we received from Brussels: see here the Silver Award for the European Business Awards for the Environment 2020-2021 (EBAE) in Brussels. During the event about the circular economy in Europe, the European Commission announced the winners of 2020. The Awards are presented every two years and in June we already […]

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Visit King Willem-Alexander and state secretary Stientje van Veldhoven

11 September 2020

Who would have ever thought that: King Willem-Alexander and State Secretary Stientje van Veldhoven who visited Schijvens Corporate Fashion in Hilvarenbeek today. What an honor! We talked about a circular economy in the textile sector: what are the opportunities, the challenges, what do we need and who do we need. The most important foundation for […]

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Schijvens once again Leader at Fair Wear Foundation

21 August 2020

Schijvens has been affiliated with the Fair Wear Foundation since 2010 and is annually assessed on its efforts and performance with regard to the social working conditions in the clothing factories with which Schijvens works. Yesss, once again Schijvens has retained its status as leader brand within the Fair Wear Foundation !! This year, Schijvens […]

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ABN AMRO – Schijvens: Circular Corporate Fashion

27 July 2020

How do you make clothes without wasting a thread? Schijvens Corporate Fashion produces work clothing of 50 percent recycled work clothing and 50 percent recycled plastic. No new raw materials are added, so production is completely circular. Watch the short video and learn all about Schijvens’ circular business model.       The circular model […]

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17 July 2020

Schijvens has been a participant in the Dutch textile covenant since the beginning, initiated by Minister Ploumen at the time. The covenant is a collaboration between the parties to achieve a more sustainable textile sector. Within the covenant, the government (Foreign Affairs), the trade associations, NGOs such as Unicef, Solidaridad and Fourpawns, employee associations CNV […]

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09 July 2020

To pursue for a clear and unambiguous formulation of circular textiles, the NEN is setting a standard. Until clear test methods for a NEN standard have been described, a Dutch Technical Agreement has now been made, which describes how one can subdivide circular textiles. This is not a value judgment, but a classification. Naturally, in […]

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01 July 2020

Our commitment to #business #sustainability has made a difference: Schijvens Corporate Fashion is #EUGreenBiz Finalist !! The European Commission has asked all countries to submit their best circular companies. Schijvens Corporate Fashion has been judged by the jury of the European Business Awards for the Environment 2020-2021 as winner of the Dutch Circular Business Award […]

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Schijvens Corporate Fashion creates new sustainable Albert Heijn collection

28 May 2020

Brabant family business produces largest clothing collection in the Netherlands Hilvarenbeek, 28 May 2020 – Employees of Albert Heijn will receive new work clothing. Schijvens Corporate Fashion from Hilvarenbeek has largely produced this collection in a circular way: from recycled clothing and recycled PET. Employees themselves formed the basis of the new clothing: they assessed […]

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Kruidvat goes circular!

11 May 2020

At Schijvens Corporate Fashion we have been making corporate clothing for Kruidvat for years. This includes the old polo that was in the collection around the year 2010. This has been removed from the collection, but now, in 2020, we decided to reintroduce it. This, because many like to wear the polo. Collection Due to […]

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Nomination Koning Willem I plaquette for Schijvens

09 March 2020

Last Tuesday, together with 11 other Dutch companies, distinguished by sustainable entrepreneurship, we were nominated for the King Willem I plaque for Sustainable Entrepreneurship 2020. This meeting took place at Paleis Soestdijk. The professional jury led by entrepreneur Anne-Marie Rakhorst selected the twelve companies for the most prestigious entrepreneurial prize in the field of sustainability […]

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