Best Practice Video: Living Wage Project

21 December 2018

Schijvens won the Fair Wear Foundation Best Practice Award in November 2017 with the living wage project in Turkey. The reason for investigating this is that the difference between a minimum wage and a living wage in the textile industry is unclear. Employees will often only receive the minimum wage, which in most cases isn’t enough to live on. Schijvens decided to launch its own investigation, in order to guarantee a living wage for factory employees. A fair wage was established in consultation with the employees in Schijvens’ own factory in Turkey. This equates to a salary which is sufficient to live on.

It has also been calculated what an item of clothing should cost, in order to be sure a living wage is incorporated in this.

Six months later, Schijvens travelled to Turkey with FWF, in order to build up an accurate picture of the living wage project, which resulted in the following video.  Curious about this process and how the factory employees experienced it? Have a look at the video: