Circular work wear from T’RIFFIC by Schijvens to the finals of the Global Goals Social Impact Challenge

25 October 2018

The Global Goals for Sustainable Development are 17 goals that were drafted in 2015 by the United Nations for a better world in 2030. The goals encompass, among others, an end to poverty, halting climate change and striving for equality. This stimulates governments, companies and citizens to collaborate on a better future. 

The Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG) supports the Dutch municipalities with the campaign Gemeenten4GlobalGoals to reach these sustainability goals. The BNG Bank, VNG and the Social Impact Factory set up the Global Social Impact Challenge to connect municipalities and entrepreneurs and stimulate them to work towards these goals. Using financing, the BNG Bank and VNG can support companies in realising sustainable initiatives.

Global Goals 12 is central to this challenge, ‘responsible consumption and production’. The cool workwear brand T’RIFFIC, designed and produced by Schijvens, wants to stimulate municipalities to dress their staff in their sustainably produced work clothes.

This way, the Netherlands is becoming more circular.